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How to choose your Twirling or Majorette stick?

Choosing your twirling or majorette stick should not be done lightly. It should not be too big or too small. This is not always easy, especially when you are starting out in this discipline.

For the beginner twirler or majorette, the first important choice to make is that of his staff. Choosing the right size pole allows you to learn how to handle it correctly.

National twirling 1 FFTB

Determine the correct length of your stick.

To determine the perfect length, place the stick under the armpit and extend your arm in front. The size of the stick is measured from the inside of the arm, from the armpit to the fingertips. An addition of 5 centimeters is necessary to have a perfect dimension.

Be careful, some majorettes prefer to work with a smaller stick. Contact your club before ordering.

Which model should you choose?

9mm : These sticks are medium in diameter. They will therefore be practical for rolling, throwing but also handling.

11 mm: These are the sticks of champions! A larger diameter for a good grip and more stability when throwing and rolling. Its diameter and lightness make it a best seller for twirlers. Some clubs also choose this stick from a very young age for children, so that they get good hand positioning on the rod from the start.

To conclude:

Now you know how to choose your stick and the size you need. All you have to do is go order your stick and start your adventure as a twirler or majorette.


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