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Serviette de twirling

Twirling Towel


Discover our hand towels, specially designed to meet the needs of pole twirling enthusiasts during competitions and intensive training. With three variations, these towels combine functionality, style and elegance for the optimal experience.

Gray Glittery Black Writing Model: Immerse yourself in elegance with our gray model which features glittery black writing. The sophisticated gray hue adds a touch of understatement, while the black glitter brings a touch of glamour. This hand towel strikes the perfect balance between discretion and shine, while effectively absorbing moisture for hands that are always ready to perform.

Pink Glittery Silver Writing Model: Express your vibrant side with our pink napkin adorned with glittery silver writing. The bold combination of pink and silver creates a feminine and energetic look. These towels not only look good, but they are also perfect for keeping your hands dry, ensuring optimal grip during each stick twirling movement.

Black Glittery Gold Writing Model: Opt for sophistication with our black model highlighting glittery gold writing. The contrast between deep black and golden sheen creates a luxurious aesthetic. These hand towels are not only a stylish accessory, but they are also essential for absorbing sweat during your pole twirling practices and competitions.

Each of our hand towels is crafted with high-quality materials to ensure optimal absorbency and exceptional durability. Don't let sweat slow you down, and twirl with confidence with our stylish, high-performance hand towels. Treat yourself to the comfort and style you deserve with our exclusive collection of stick twirling hand towels.


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