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Housse à baton pour Twirling et Majorette

Twirling Bâton medium bag


Discover our medium twirling bag, the perfect accessory for twirlers on the go!


This medium-sized bag is specially designed to carry the essentials of your stick twirling equipment in a compact and practical way. Whether you're going to training or a competition, this bag will allow you to keep your poles and accessories at your fingertips with ease.


Key Features:

  • Ideal dimensions: The medium size of this bag offers the perfect balance between storage capacity and ease of transport. Spacious enough to accommodate several sticks, as well as a few accessories, it nevertheless remains compact and light for easy portability.

  • Clever organization: Thanks to its compartments, this bag allows you to store your poles. 

  • Durable materials: Made from durable, high-quality materials, this bag effectively protects your twirling equipment against light shocks and the wear and tear of time.

  • Sleek design: Its sleek and modern design offers a stylish look that will appeal to all twirling enthusiasts. You'll be able to carry your gear in style wherever you go.

  • Ease of use: The zipper on the top of the bag ensures quick access to your equipment, allowing you to get your poles out quickly when you need them.


Whether you're an enthusiastic amateur or a serious competitor, this twirling bag will be your ideal companion for keeping your equipment organized, protected and ready to shine at all times. Opt for practicality and elegance with our medium twirling bag, designed especially for enthusiasts of this artistic and dynamic discipline.


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