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Plaid de Twirling

Plaid Twirling


Wrap yourself in luxury and warmth with our Twirling throws, a perfect fusion of comfort and style. Available in three exquisite variations, these throws evoke a sophistication that is both edgy sporty and glamorous.

  • Beige Glittery Black Writing Model Immerse yourself in the subtle charm of the beige model with glittery black writing. The combination of the calming shade of beige and shimmering touches of black offers an elegant and timeless aesthetic.

  • Rose Model Glittery Silver Writing Express your romantic side with the pink model, embellished with glittery silver writing. The softness of pink blends harmoniously with the silver highlights, creating a warm and delicate atmosphere.

  • Black Model with Glittery Gold Writing For a chic and daring look, opt for the black model with glittery gold writing. This classic combination offers captivating contrast, adding a touch of glamor and sophistication to your space.

Exceptional Features:

  • Soft and plush fabric for the ultimate cocooning experience in competition or at home.
  • Glittery script for a subtle touch of glamour.
  • Add your first name (optional)

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