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Magnésie liquide blanche

White liquid chalk 200ml


Liquid chalk is an increasingly popular product. It is a solution based on magnesium suspended in a liquid. This substance is designed to improve athletes' grip, and it offers many benefits over traditional chalk powder.


Composition : Liquid magnesia is mainly composed of magnesium suspended in a solvent, often alcohol. This combination creates a thick texture that is easy to apply to the hands.


Benefits :

  • Ease of application: Liquid chalk can be applied directly to the hands without creating clouds of powder, making it cleaner to use.

  • Sustainability : Unlike powdered chalk that can be blown or brushed off easily, liquid chalk stays put longer, meaning fewer frequent reapplications.

  • Improved handling: It offers excellent grip for the stick. 

  • Less waste: Liquid chalk generates less waste than traditional powder, making it a more environmentally friendly option.