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Sports bra "TWIRLING by BDSports"


The "TWIRLING by BDSports" sports bra is specially designed to meet the needs of pole twirling athletes, whether for training or regulated warm-ups in competition. Designed with attention to detail and performance, this bra offers optimal support while allowing complete freedom of movement.

Main Features :

  • Support and Comfort: The “TWIRLING by BDSports” bra offers firm and comfortable support thanks to its stretchy fabric and its construction. It firmly supports the chest while providing exceptional comfort, allowing athletes to fully concentrate on their performance.

  • Freedom of Movement: The seamless design and stretchy fabric allow complete freedom of movement, which is essential for the fast and complex movements of the twirling stick. Athletes can therefore perform their routines with ease and fluidity.

  • Breathability: Breathable fabric wicks away moisture and keeps skin dry, even during the most intense workouts. This allows you to stay comfortable and focused, without being bothered by perspiration.

  • Style and Elegance: The “TWIRLING by BDSports” bra is available in a variety of colors, allowing athletes to choose a style that matches their personality and performance style.

  • Durability: Made with high-quality materials, this bra is built to last. It stands up to repeated washing and maintains its shape and support, even after intensive use.

The "TWIRLING by BDSports" sports bra is an ideal choice for pole twirling athletes looking for optimal support, total freedom of movement and exceptional comfort. It is designed to meet the specific demands of this unique sport, and it is ready to support athletes in their most demanding performances.

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